Generative Steward is debuting in 2020 with the goal of elevating small business economics in the Pacific Northwest

What is A Generative Steward?

Degenerative is to take more from a system than is given, Regenerative is to replace what energy is used with an equal output and Generative is to put more energy back into a system than was used. A Steward is a person who keeps systems in order. Generative Steward, will create generative processes, products and services through strategic stewardship.

Generative Steward takes the time needed upfront, to map out and define current business with metrics and analytics. Deep Dives into strategy and branding development with Generative Steward will enhance productivity and reach more customers. Each client Generative Steward takes on, receives full focus, never multiple clients at once. We manage NDA’s and customer information with the utmost respect and privacy. Generative Steward will never compromise a client with conflicts of interest.

Generative Steward will develop a strategy plan, that will never become irrelevant; evolve, scale and control are apart of the strategy process. Successful strategy and branding, requires maintenance and reviews based on risk assessments and market changes, that are unique to each business. Unlike generic software, created in a cookie cutter fashion, Generative Steward will leave you prepared to Generate more from your business. We are tailored to suit small businesses of 1-100 employees, start ups within any industry and land use clients.

Land Use Strategy is a unique service Generative Steward provides to Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural land use clients. Generative Steward is a collection of experience from homestead purchasing, farm planning, Oregon State University Permaculture Design Course, Six Sigma, Business Administration, Data/Analyst, Executive Assistant, Grant Program Manger, small business consulting and even King County Master Gardner experience.  From past careers at major IT companies in the PNW and a continuing knowledge of land use, Generative Steward can help screen potential properties and save thousands per transaction in feasibility officials. If your project is outside of Generative Steward knowledge, you will be referred to certified professionals.

Current offers: free consultations up to one hour & portfolio participation rates