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What is Generative Steward?

“Generative” is to put more energy back into a system than was used. A “Steward” is a person who keeps systems in optimal order. Generative Steward, combines economical and capital gains priorities, with the best development system for Washington geography and infrastructure. Generative Stewards main philosophy in developing land is to foster the Urban Growth Plan of King County.

What Generative Steward means to Wholesale

Are you looking to sell your property and want the easiest process, with no cost and the highest gains possible?

Wholesaling your land with Generative Steward ensures the buyer is capable of purchasing your property immediately. You do not have to stage, list, pay real estate agent fees or do any upgrades to make your property sellable. Generative Steward has buyers who want your property AS-IS.

Do you own property that isn’t selling because of its geography?

Are feasibility studies keeping you from selling your parcel or home?

Reach out to GenerativeSteward@gmail.com or call 425-409-9363 immediately

Generative Steward has a network of buyers who are interested in using your land for preservation, hobbies, horticulture and agriculture.

Rural properties often have difficulty selling quickly on modern platforms because buyers in the rural farm market, often have a smaller online presence than residential buyers. Generative Steward removes the difficulty of feasibility for your land by connecting the dots with the buyers goals and your land. This makes off market soft-sales with Generative Steward, a land use expert, the best experience for you and the land.

Generative Steward and Land Use

               Land use is a very important topic. It affects the progress of health in our country. Because the lack of relationship between residents and land, prevents us from achieving self-sustaining practices. Health is improved when food is local, physical activity is habitual and income is stable. Through education, observation, analyzing and strategizing we can use land to create healthy ecosystems that benefit our daily lives.

By focusing on developing within the Urban Growth Area for housing developments, including affordable housing, WA will reduce the impacts to state budget and maximize the use of public transportation. As well as reduce the amount of housing developed in land slide areas and native habitat buffers.

Generative Steward aims to provide educational tools, communication spaces, and services to help our community connect with and get the most out of their Washington State land.