Land Use: Residential Homestead Example

Client Name: Desiree Hoolahan


Desired Use: Homestead and Blueberry Farm

Parcel Number: 0825069052

Address: 6009 204TH PL NE Redmond WA 98053

Lot Size: 110,642 Approx. 2.6 Acres

Zoning: RA-5; Rural Area; one dwelling per 5 Acres, not in urban growth zone

Tax Classifications: Open Space; N 340 FT OF FOLG-E 325 FT OF W 650 FT OF SW 1/4 OF SE 1/4 LESS N 330 FT CLASSIFIED AS OPEN SPACE “OPEN SPACE” PURSUANT TO RCW 84.34. If you are to clear the trees or build a detached unit on this property it may affect the tax classification (and require back tax) and/or classification modifications may be needed.

Near Boundaries: Environmentally sensitive areas to the South East and West, Landslide areas to the West/SW

Easements: None found

Watershed: Sammamish River Watershed; Evans Creek is the local drainage basin that this property feeds

Topography: 5% or Less slope approx 2/3 of property, 25% or less slope approx 1/3 of property

Access: Private road, no public access

Drainage: Great

Soil Profile: Alderwood gravelly sandy loam (AgC)

Recommendation: Perfect location for a private blueberry farm and homestead; Public facing blueberry farm is not feasible with the private access roads and lack of parking-accessibility for fire and aid units. Evergreens, particularly Cedar, are desired mulching for Blueberries, keeping healthy forestry habits will also benefit your crop.  Soil here is perfect for blueberries. Plot blueberries in a full sun location to the East of the property would be ideal, if clearing trees is needed for sun exposure it will be less impactful to landslides and the environment on this side. Planting trees and erosion preventative vegetation would be beneficial for the West side/steeper slopes. Home is situated above landslide hazardous areas to the West. Keeping this space wooded, adding rain gardens/small ponds and reducing the number of impermeable surfaces will help slow erosion and water flow through the steep sloped areas below. Drainage should be ideal, soil compaction and site variables may cause some water pooling at the surface during mass rain events but should drain over 24 hours. Contamination may come from groundwater to the North from Parcel: 082506-9037, ensure no toxic waste or chemical use is being applied to that property.

Sources: King County iMap, King County Parcel Viewer, NRCS Soil Web Survey

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