How it Started:
Generative Steward is Desiree Hoolahan

Desiree Hoolahan has worked at AT&T, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various small businesses. She resigned from a four-year career at Microsoft; as the Executive Assistant to the CIO’s, IT Strategy Planning and Communications team, to stay home with her daughter in 2013. Prior to, Desiree had worked as a Project Coordinator and Business Administrator within the XBOX LIVE and Interop/Standards teams. She has worked through CIO and VP level rebranding, re-organizations and launches.

After settling into life with baby in 2014, Desiree immediately began studying Permaculture, Horticulture, Botany and Soil Microbiology as a passion. This led her to the Oregon State University Permaculture Design Course where Desiree expanded her knowledge of land use. During this time she built a one-acre homestead in Woodinville, WA. With developed knowledge from many online courses from OSU and Washington State University she outgrew the acre. In 2018 the Hoolahan Family moved to Duvall and Desiree enlisted in the King County Master Gardener Program. Where she is now a veteran.

During 2015-2020 Desiree began working to consult owners’ of small businesses in her friends and family circle and discovered a gap in strategy and branding development in young companies. At the same time, Desiree was investigating land use for friends and family. Since she has developed multiple processes, exercises, and best practices for elevating the economics of a small business.

Reach out to Desiree Hoolahan at GenerativeSteward.com, generativesteward@gmail.com or (425) 306-5549

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