Strategy is how you achieve specific goals. For example, the goal of Amazon is to have “everything from A to Z,” their logo illustrates this with a smile from A to Z and they literally have everything you can think of for sale. Amazon is an innovator in market strategy and branding, they changed the game of ecommerce. By finding algorithms that meet customers value, incentivizing sellers and investing in software development; Amazon became the giant it is today. Similarly, Microsoft had the goal of “A PC in every home.” Netflix, “to have new shows streaming monthly that appeal to each individual subscriber.” These are high level goals mapped to strategy that act as the North arrow on a map; Strategy plans direct employees to stick to the goals of a company.

As simple as that sounds, Strategy is the most complex and intertwined aspect of success. Strategy is like the fascia that holds a business together. Every business should have a unique and validated strategy. Metrics, analytics and defining a customer’s value scorecard, ensures you are achieving your goals competitively within your market.

Strategy doesn’t stop there, it is within each project, product, service, customer target, marketing, social media, AI development, etc. The strategy of each integral part of operations, services, and customer engagements within a small business need to be aligned. A strategy map, with each piece of a company’s strategy, elevates scale planning and overhead management. If you would like more information on Generative Steward and our strategy approach contact us today for a consultation on Strategy and Brand workshops.

During a strategy workshop Generative Steward will work through data and metrics already established, review or create baselines, analyze the company within the market, analyze customer demographics and trends, resources, risks, etc. to achieve the most customer validated strategy. Generative Steward has the experience needed to find new data sources, identify relevant trends to a customer’s value score card; we can establish metrics where you are in need and validate the metrics you currently have.

How do we know the customers value scorecard? By in depth analysis of harvested data on competitor reviews, performance reports, goals and changes to competitor strategy among other aspects unique to each market.

Examples of tailored deliverables of a Generative Steward, Strategy and Brand Workshop:

  • Strategy Map- Including: Brand, Sales, Services, Etc.
  • Scorecard
  • Survey, Creation and Analyzing
  • Process Mapping
  • White Papers
  • Scale, Timeline
  • AI Development plan

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